The Mummy

a high mountain loamy-skeletal, micaceous Typic Humicryepts


Peer Evaluation

Welcome to the Mummy Page! The Mummy series is a Typic Humicryepts soil found high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, specifically in the alpine ecosystems of Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding Front Range.

This is an archive of the work I did for my Favorite Soils Reports (FSRs) while taking ENSC245 at Montana State University. Scope some thoughts about the process of making a website for a soil, check out my FSR1 or FSR2, or check out our group's take on FSR3 in the video above

"Mummy, Fern Cliff, Sharkey" is a song written and preformed by Alex Koukov, Emily Stoick, and myself for our FSR3 presentation.

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Mummy Mountain, RMNP, CO

The Mummy Mountain Range